Referral Service Testimonials

Rachel Rose
Resettlement Support Worker, Mayo Refugee Resettlement
“Thank you Catherine, Pat and all the F4L team for supporting the Syrian participants throughout the course. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from our participants. The participants have expressed to me their gratitude for introducing them to your team and Foundation 4 Life. They are delighted with what they have achieved and attained by taking part in the course. I think that has been demonstrated too by their regular attendance, one participant travelling weekly from Ballina.   I want to make particular mention of your kind consideration and inclusion surrounding religious and cultural practices of the Syrian participants. You took into consideration food, prayer times, wearing of the hijab, and Ramadan! You had it all to contend with during the course. You took it all in your stride, and were open and accepting, thank you. You have not only made the participants feel absolutely welcome and included you have also broken down some of the barriers that exist in the communities for these new migrants. You have given the participants the knowledge and confidence that they can continue their own cultural practices while fully participating in work or education locally. You have also helped to build lasting relationships and friendships between the young people involved.     Looking forward to our continued cooperation and next years Foundation 4 Life.”
Stephen Coyne,
Clinical Team Leader
Mindspace Mayo
“The team in Mindspace have linked many clients in with the F4L programme since it started. The feedback we get from our clients who attend F4L is always beyond positive, it is excellent. What we hear about is the kindness, care, acceptance and time given to people, at a pivotal time in their lives, which is hugely significant, and for some has been life changing. This programme fills an unmet need, and the flexibility, commitment and dedication of Catherine, Pat and their team, combine to make it the success it is.”
Tim Rogers
Training and Employment Officer
The Linkage Service
c/o Probation Service
“I take referrals from the Probation Service for clients who are seeking to progress in Training Education and Employment. The Foundation 4 Life programme has proved to be an invaluable resource for young clients with complex support needs and who are unsuitable for mainstream progression options. In design, delivery, and dedication the Foundation 4 Life Programme is unequalled by any existing option I have encountered. The team at F4L is remarkably professional and patient. I have seen how young people grow and thrive through their participation. It is my sincere hope that this programme will continue to help young people find their way forward in the world.”
Brendan Murphy
HSE Counsellor
“I have met a number of people who took part in the Foundation 4 Life programme over the last few years and it was of huge benefit to them. Not only did they have a place to go where they felt valued and respected, they felt genuinely heard and understood, made meaningful friendships, and learned lots of skills that brought them successes during and after the programme. The way that Pat and Catherine connect with people who take part in Foundation 4 Life is amazing. They bring out the very best in people and help them flourish. I can’t emphasise enough how important what they do and is to the people who take part in the Programme.”