Welcome to foundation 4 life

The programme is open to anyone between the ages of 18-25 living in Co. Mayo and not currently in education, training or employment. The programme provides 1-1 person centered coaching and significant social supports, including contributions to childcare and travel and the provision of nutritious meals. Foundation 4 Life aims to genuinely support young people and help them realise their full potential



  • Customer Services
  • HAACP Training
  • Manual Handling
  • CV and Interview Preparation
  • One-week Work Placement
  • Customer Service Training
  • Manual Handling
  • HACCP Food Hygiene
  • Online Skills Development
  • 1-1 Career Guidance
  • A Personal Psychometric Report


  • Cooking Skills
  • Driving Theory Test and Provisional Licence (You will recieve €250 worth of driving lessons, if 80% attendance is achieved.)
  • First Aid Response Course
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Sexual Health Awareness 
  • Drug Awareness
  • Rights and Entitlements
  • Self-Care Strategies
  • Exercise Tips 


  • Identifying Leadership Qualities
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Improved Ability to Work As Part of a Team 
  • Improved Coping Skills
  • Clear Progression Plan For Your Next Steps in Life
  • Improved Wellbeing Strategies
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness
  • Problem-Solving Skills

This is complemented by team-building activities and one-to-one mentoring. As an enticement to join and remain on the programme (with a minimum of 80% attendance), participants are allocated €250 towards driving lessons upon successful completion of their driving theory test.



  • Providing a space where young people feel safe, valued, and respected and where their growth and development is promoted
  • Creating a preventive and rehabilitative space for young people who are at increased risk of alcohol or substance misuse or who are in recovery
  • Supporting young people to progress and grow at their own pace, with diverse pathways and outcomes
  • Facilitating strong attendance and ongoing engagement of young people in the programme
  • Achieving skills development and job readiness
  • Ensuring continued commitment to the programme from stakeholders in order to support the programme’s development and sustainability
  • Developing a model for consistent application in other areas